SpaceHarp adds integrated and cross-platform support for its Sound Galaxy wireless remote controls

SpaceHarp is pleased to announce that its Sound Galaxy Tools Suite for its SpaceHarp Touchless Motion Music Controllers now supports both Android and iOS devices, including various device sizes including iPhone/Android phone/iPod, iPad mini/Android mini tablet as well as iPad/Android large tablet sizes.  

In addition, both of the supported remote control interface technologies used (Touch OSC and MiraWeb/MaxMSP) may be used on the same device simultaneously, and players can rapidly switch between the interface screens. For example, an Android device (such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab mini tablet) can control ALL Sound Galaxy Suite applications without the player ever having to touch the Sound Galaxy host DAW computer. In addition, Sound Galaxy supports 100% controls sync - even between remotes on Android and iOS - change a control on either type of remote, and the other remote(s) as well as Ableton and instrument controls change, maintaining perfect control sync between all devices.

Supported remote functions include: 

  • Assign DAW Instrument Layers to any of 1 to 4 SpaceHarp players;
  • For each instrument layer, choose between Sonar (spaceharp height), Hot Hand USB ring or iOS accelerometers for control of DAW instrument Effects;
  • For each instrument layer, enable up to 3 simultaneous effects each with 20 effects choices including such as Modulation/Articulation, Hi/Low filter, Tremelo, Phase/Chorus, Delay, Scratch, and Arpeggiation rate, accent or swing;
  • Control a SpaceHarp's auto-sustain and quantization select;
  • Song Select and Launch; 
  • (remote host) Visualizer Scenes; 
  • Drum Kits; 
  • Automation enable/disable controls; 
  • Main Audio Mix;
  • 'Massive' synth presets; 
  • 'Sylenth' synth presets; 
  • 'Kontakt' sampler presets;
  • Ableton Sampler presets; 
  • Vocoders; 
  • Ableton Live; and
  • Synths Audio Mix.  

MiraWeb's easy access to MAX MSP patches on the host can also run on any wireless connected device that can run a web browser, including any computer or netbook. MiraWeb also supports multiple interface tabs, making the control screens less cluttered and with larger, more readable controls.

For stage performance, studio sessions, LBE applications development, and LBE Kiosk operations, this new level of support and integration will bring added convenience as well as lower the cost of remote devices that may be used together with SpaceHarp Controller and Sound Galaxy Tools Suite.

Screenshots were updated February 13, 2017.

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