Move and make music!

For musicians:

SpaceHarp provides a universal second instrument for accompaniment and performance, especially valuable to musicians who are not keyboard players. An instrument so you'll be up and performing quickly, in hours to days, instead of the months to years required to learn to play a piano keyboard. 
The SpaceHarp empowers a comfortable 'flow' of creative virtuosity, unleashes new expressive powers and transparently delivers effortless precision. 
SpaceHarp is the world's most expressive Motion Controlled Music Instrument. The SpaceHarp represents an entirely new class of MIDI Controller and musical instrument giving players intuitive, easy access to all the expressive powers of today's music software, DAWs and mobile devices.
Empower your best musical performance while remaining in the power of your creative flow.

For aspiring musicians and non-musicians - FOR EVERYONE:

SpaceHarp allows you to satisfy your dream of being an instant musician, in a way that both sounds great and delivers the satisfaction of true creative expression. 

Game Changer.


Limited Edition SpaceHarp MIDI Controller:  9 motion sensors, 3 height sensors, 208 color-changing LEDs for clear feedback to the player.

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