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The next generation touchless controller IS Ideal for ALL OF THESE applications

If you are involved in any of these applications, SpaceHarp might be a solution for you!  Please send us your questions using our Find Out More web form, and tell us something about your application.  We'll get right back to you to explore what can work best for you and what fits within your budget.

event & PARTY planners:

SpaceHarp is great for corporate events, fundraisers, music festivals, county and regional fairs, receptions, product launches, trade shows, art walks, dance parties, birthdays, weddings, block parties and more. SpaceHarp is used by stage performers, SpaceHarp DJs for a dance party, or for any situation where event guests can take turns playing. SpaceHarp can help make your next event the most memorable one ever for your guests. 


Museums, science centers, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, dance clubs, mixed-use retail, destination resort hotels, store-within-a-store and theme parks are all excellent Location Based Entertainment (LBE) applications for long-term installations of SpaceHarp turn-key Performance Systems. These can be operated under various business models, including such as a people-magnet to a location, offered as part of a bundled admission ticket or offered as a personal pay-per-play experience.


The SpaceHarp controller and Sound Galaxy DAW Tools were developed and created with the participation of EDM performers. The unique behavior of the sonar sensors’ height function combined with many effects for DAW instrument plug-ins are ideal for a dramatic, expressive and exciting EDM performance that thrills audiences. 
The SpaceHarp empowers a comfortable 'flow' of creative virtuosity, unleashes new expressive powers and transparently delivers effortless precision. EDM performers can empower their best musical performances while remaining in the power of a creative flow.
SpaceHarp provides a universal second instrument for accompaniment and performance, especially valuable to musicians who are not keyboard players. SpaceHarp is an instrument that you can be up and performing with quickly - in hours to days, instead of the months to years required to learn to play piano keyboard. 
SpaceHarp is the world's most expressive Motion Controlled Music Instrument. The SpaceHarp represents an entirely new class of MIDI Controller and musical instrument giving players intuitive, easy access to all the expressive powers of today's music software, DAWs and mobile devices.

aspiring musicians and non-musicians - FOR EVERYONE:

SpaceHarp allows anyone to satisfy their dream of being an instant musician, and it does so in a way that both sounds great and delivers the satisfaction of true creative expression. 


SpaceHarp spontaneously provides a new kind of therapeutic and wellness experience to players. Music therapy, even using the simplest of instruments such as drums, has been proven to have such well-established benefits that there are thousands of music therapists employed by hospitals and clinics. SpaceHarp has the unique feature of allowing anyone who can move to play real music, providing instant gratification while being mistake-free.  The experience of playing SpaceHarp can be considered to be a combination of music therapy, dance therapy, creative therapy, physical therapy, art therapy and play therapy. 
SpaceHarp’s issued US patent covers a “Creative Wellness Response” which entrains players within minutes into a “desirable cognitive state” that is uplifting and empowering in every way. In our experience, thousands of trial players have reported a feeling of “euphoria” and “creative joy” after only a minute or two from starting to play, even in their first SpaceHarp session. We welcome affiliations with principle investigators for research and validation of these applications.

Game Changer.


Limited Edition SpaceHarp MIDI Controller:  9 motion sensors, 3 height sensors, 208 color-changing LEDs for clear feedback to the player.

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