SpaceHarp is now showcasing at Vortex Immersion Media dome downtown LA

We are delighted to announce that SpaceHarp Corporation is now scheduling private events, showcases and demonstrations inside the Vortex Immersion Media dome. This amazing 50-ft. diameter video dome is located at LA Center Studios downtown Los Angeles.

paceHarp touchless motion music and visuals controller in Vortex Dome LA.  SpaceHarp player generates live music and seamless fulldome art!

paceHarp touchless motion music and visuals controller in Vortex Dome LA. 
SpaceHarp player generates live music and seamless fulldome art!

For scheduling, please contact us:

(213) 296-3002 

Chris Adams, SpaceHarp's Creative Director, voted one of "Top Ten DJs at SXSW"

Chris Adams (AHEE) SpaceHarp's Creative Director, was today listed as "0ne of the Top 10 DJs" at South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference.  

"SXSW is best known for showcasing talented up-and-coming acts every year..." [SYMPHONICBLOG]



Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about AHEE and SpaceHarp participation in upcoming festivals and events!  


Brett Leonard, luminary filmmaker and VR visionary, joins SpaceHarp's Board of Advisors

We are pleased to announce that Brett Leonard, the international luminary film producer/director/writer, futurist and VR visionary, has joined the SpaceHarp Corporation Board of Advisors. Brett has been a long-time associate and friend of SpaceHarp's founders. He previously participated in funding an early SpaceHarp prototype and in other early-stage developments.  Brett now moves forward in a closer strategic relationship with the Company, and is excited to join into and further expand the vision and mission of SpaceHarp.  

Brett Leonard

Brett Leonard

Brett brings decades of expertise and global success in digital media, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), award winning films, advanced technologies, strategic alliances and storytelling on digital platforms. Brett is currently Chief Creative Officer at Virtuosity VR in Los Angeles.

SpaceHarp adds integrated and cross-platform support for its Sound Galaxy wireless remote controls

SpaceHarp is pleased to announce that its Sound Galaxy Tools Suite for its SpaceHarp Touchless Motion Music Controllers now supports both Android and iOS devices, including various device sizes including iPhone/Android phone/iPod, iPad mini/Android mini tablet as well as iPad/Android large tablet sizes.  

In addition, both of the supported remote control interface technologies used (Touch OSC and MiraWeb/MaxMSP) may be used on the same device simultaneously, and players can rapidly switch between the interface screens. For example, an Android device (such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab mini tablet) can control ALL Sound Galaxy Suite applications without the player ever having to touch the Sound Galaxy host DAW computer. In addition, Sound Galaxy supports 100% controls sync - even between remotes on Android and iOS - change a control on either type of remote, and the other remote(s) as well as Ableton and instrument controls change, maintaining perfect control sync between all devices.

Supported remote functions include: 

  • Assign DAW Instrument Layers to any of 1 to 4 SpaceHarp players;
  • For each instrument layer, choose between Sonar (spaceharp height), Hot Hand USB ring or iOS accelerometers for control of DAW instrument Effects;
  • For each instrument layer, enable up to 3 simultaneous effects each with 20 effects choices including such as Modulation/Articulation, Hi/Low filter, Tremelo, Phase/Chorus, Delay, Scratch, and Arpeggiation rate, accent or swing;
  • Control a SpaceHarp's auto-sustain and quantization select;
  • Song Select and Launch; 
  • (remote host) Visualizer Scenes; 
  • Drum Kits; 
  • Automation enable/disable controls; 
  • Main Audio Mix;
  • 'Massive' synth presets; 
  • 'Sylenth' synth presets; 
  • 'Kontakt' sampler presets;
  • Ableton Sampler presets; 
  • Vocoders; 
  • Ableton Live; and
  • Synths Audio Mix.  

MiraWeb's easy access to MAX MSP patches on the host can also run on any wireless connected device that can run a web browser, including any computer or netbook. MiraWeb also supports multiple interface tabs, making the control screens less cluttered and with larger, more readable controls.

For stage performance, studio sessions, LBE applications development, and LBE Kiosk operations, this new level of support and integration will bring added convenience as well as lower the cost of remote devices that may be used together with SpaceHarp Controller and Sound Galaxy Tools Suite.

Screenshots were updated February 13, 2017.

SpaceHarp has been accepted to participate in 805.Startups Expo on October 26th

SpaceHarp Corporation is pleased to announce that the Company as been accepted to participate in the Startup Fair and Expo, hosted by 805.Startups, on October 26th in Westlake Village, CA, 3PM through 9PM.  SpaceHarp is among the only 50 companies accepted; (dozens of applying Companies were turned away.)

Attendance is free, but requires advance registration and acceptance.  You may apply to attend at:

The Company will be demonstrating its incredible SpaceHarp touchless motion music controller. There will also be an opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 private meetings between interested investors and SpaceHarp management.

If you register before Monday, October 24th and qualify to attend, you'll be able to receive additional information in advance of the event, about the Company and its potential opportunities for qualified financial partners.

Expo attendees will be able to experience a product demonstration and can play the SpaceHarp directly - just "Move and Make Music".

Note there is also a series of panel discussions that will provide a wealth of great insights.

Please be sure to pre-register before coming to attend! Feel free to contact David Clark, SpaceHarp's CEO if you have questions or need further information about attending the event.

SpaceHarp enters into Strategic Partnership with KiwiTech, LLC

We are very excited to share that SpaceHarp Corporation has just signed a major strategic technology alliance agreement with KiwiTech, LLC for their help in our mass market software app development.

We feel this will accelerate the introduction and use of SpaceHarp controllers for a very broad demographic of users, including bedroom musicians and even aspiring musicians, by adding a universal app for our hardware. This will also aid in our future hardware products being easy to use in the form of fully mobile connected devices. 

David Warman rejoins SpaceHarp's Board of Advisors

It is with great regret that we have accepted the resignation of David Warman from the SpaceHarp Corporation Board of Directors, due solely to personal issues.  The Company wishes to express it's gratitude for David's continued and future participation in a less demanding form.

David wished to convey to all concerned that:

"I hold the greatest enthusiasm for SpaceHarp Corp., for its vision, mission and product.  I am therefore pleased that the company has accepted my continued participation as a member of its Board of Advisors."

Moving forward, the Company is engaged in discussions with industry experts, strategic partners, potential investors and other visionary individuals to fill the vacant seat on its Board of Directors. 

SpaceHarp Corporation Adds Live Laser Effects to its Events Option Packages

SpaceHarp Corporation is pleased to announce that it now offers a wide range of spectacular laser effects in it's Event Option Packages. Provided in partnership with DayStar Lasers International, an internationally acclaimed, award-winning full-service provider of laser shows and effects since 1993.  

Events with the SpaceHarp can now include laser visuals including general/ambient effects, beams and/or projection graphics, audio-synchronized effects, and live SpaceHarp player-interactive laser effects. Options for graphic projections include the ability to display custom laser graphics, including corporate logos, event banners or other customized graphics (lead time required.)

Book your next event with SpaceHarp as a performance or attraction

We invite those organizing all kinds of events to contact us today for further information!

  • Corporate Sponsors
  • Party Producers
  • Event Planners
  • Family Event Organizers
  • Non-Profits
  • Schools
  • Sports Organizations
  • Religious Event Planners
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  • Company Picnic


Outstanding Executives Join SpaceHarp's Board of Directors

At the annual meeting of shareholders of SpaceHarp Corporation, two outstanding high technology executives were added to SpaceHarp's Board of Directors.  

Stephen Wyle, Director

Stephen Wyle, Director

Stephen Wyle has been top executive and/or founder of several high tech companies including in Artificial Intelligence, medical electronics, aerospace testing and entertainment. Stephen brings forty years’ experience in management, engineering, finance and marketing for early stage and mid-sized companies,

David Warman, Director

David Warman, Director

David Warman led engineering teams to deploy over fifteen successful products which generated over $200 million in revenues. He brings a lifetime of technology development, software engineering and management. David is expert in multiple relevant technologies and standards including MIDI, embedded real-time systems, networks & consumer game platforms.



Exciting Announcements Coming Soon!

We will soon be announcing major price reductions for the Limited Edition SpaceHarp Controller and Accessories.

Also, after certain actions are completed regarding our US and International patents, we will be revealing some very exciting additions to our product line.

Over the past several months, we have taken to heart the many suggestions from our early adopters and fans, including for us to find ways to reduce our controller prices.  We have in fact been successful in doing so, and we're sure you're going to be very happy with our results.

We have also for the moment, suspended SpaceHarp Controller pre-ordering, until after the announcements are made.

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